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It was a good 2nd week into my #Project_IRONMAN_2020. I could increase the number of sessions to 11 and it felt very good but got hard towards the end of the week. I think I will keep it at 10 - 11 sessions this week. Let‘s see how the week goes.

I definitly need to increase the number of running sessions and the duration of each session. Running is my weakest discipline of the three in an #IRONMAN and I have to get used to running on a regulary basis with the same intensity I apply to swimming. Usually, before I start a running session I catch myself thinking that I would rather do a session on the turbo trainer or go to the pool. But funnily enough after 2 to 3 kilometers of running, it gets better and better albeit the struggle is still there. I‘m sure it will get better over time. I think it is important to do little steps always 1 or 2 kilometers more per session. But still, if anyone has a tip, let me know. I‘m curious to hear from others if they are in the same boat or am I the only one who is not the biggest fan of the running part in an #IRONMAN? I know there are a lot of people who are not so keen on the swimming part, or at least this is what I often hear. Well well, as mentioned in previous posts it is a challange after all! See you soon...

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