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Week number 7, 8 and 9 have passed and my #project_IRONMAN_2020 has taken more and more shape. Not only were the last three weeks succesfull in terms of my trainings and it's progess, I could also reach out to some old friends who will help me along the way to my first IRONMAN and maybe more:-).

Swimming is where I come from and I have more or less the expertese needed (I also get advice there from time to time) but I now switched the focus more to cycling and running and have reduced the swimming to 3 sessions a week. I‘m happy that i could manage to do that as it is not always that easy to get out of your comfort zone especially with something (in my case running) that I originally didn‘t like to do. I still have to get faster but I‘m comfortable with running 10 to 15 km sessions.

I also feel that my body is shaping up and gets more and more defined. I feel much better and really fit which I have missed a lot on reflection :-). Touch wood that my body is doing so well and is not hurting as this can also easily happen when you increase training volumes and variety of training, but I guess I know now that I build a very solid fundation in my youth training professionally!

See you soon and never forget:

You never lose. You either win or you learn!!

(I really like that quote by Nelson Mandela)

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