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Week number 5 and 6 have passed. To be honest week number 5 was not the greatest week in general. I did my sessions but I was not really focused as I was during the 4 weeks before. I guess there are some things in life which you can not plan or foresee. Oh well, in situations like that the most important thing is to look ahead. And this is what I did. The 6th week was a lot better then the 5th. I did even more cycling sessions than swimming sessions and it felt really good. I think soon I will also go outside for my cycling sessions as until now I did them on my turbo trainer indoors.

Through the past two weeks I realised the difference between now and my past career as a swimmer. Back then swimming was my passion and part of my daily work alongside school and university. I trained constantly and there was no question if I went or not. It was my routine with getting up, breakfast, training, school/university, lunch, school/university, training, dinner and then going to bed and then on the weekends there were mostly competitions. All this was in balance. Now it is a thing I do in my free time. Sport in general is my passion, but mostly, sport has transformed into my sanctuary. A vent for all the feelings which need to get out of my body and my mind to calm me down and relax me. This became very apprent over the past two weeks.

I do wonder, why is that? I mean even in my past I felt swimming calmed me down as it is the case now but I never really thought about it this way, as my sanctuary. Today when I do a session afterwards I am relaxed, I feel safe and I feel my energy levels are up on a high. I might never find out and that is ok but If anyone has an explanation I‘m happy to hear it:-)...... See you soon!

One last thing again my new favourite quote:

I never lose. I either win or I learn!!

(by Nelson Mandela)

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