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Practice log

The first week in 2019 has passed. It was a good start to the year with 6 swimming session, one cycling and one running session. Not bad, let me see if I can top it this week. It might not be that easy as time is limited but I will try. After all my #Project_IRONMAN_ 2020 is something I do in my free time, and as other people have done it before me I hope I can do it too. I think it is important to properly schedule your training days and weeks but that shouldn‘t be a problem as I have previous experience both from my sporting days as well as taking some lessons from work where I travel a lot. Also my wife and I live in seperate places, she in London and me in Zurich and we both work full time so this means if we don‘t get around to proper planning of our time we don’t get to see each other. But I have nothing against a little challange. :)

My old coach would be proud of me, I finally started to write a practice log. He told us very early on and many times (!) that we should do it to keep track of our training and progress. He said it would help us to record things for later and to keep us focused. Well, he was right. Last year I started to write down all my trainings, how I felt and what to improve. Everytime I write in that book, mostly at the end of the week, I also go over the week before to compare. The record shows me if I could improve on what I wrote down to improve the last time, plus having it written down also makes me think about the whole thing properly and in a holistic way. I‘m not sure if this is exactly what he wanted me to do back than, but I think I got it now. So if you are planning on doing something like my #Project_IRONMAN_2020, write a practice log and write it for yourself. It will help you to reflect on everything you do, to see if you could turn your plan into reality or if it needs adjustment and it keeps you focused.

Never forget, if you can say you had fun, it was a good day! See you....

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