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Overcome one‘s weaker self

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Week number 3 is over and I could keep up the pace with the number of sessions. I must say, I did miss doing sport on a level like this. I feel that I am getting fitter and fitter and my body is getting more and more defined, which is a nice side effect but also a good indication for my transformation. Still every now and then before I start a session I catch myself thinking of wanting to skip this one session. But as soon as I am at the session, training focusing and pushing myself I am happy that I went. Plus after the session when I can feel the adrenalin/endorfins in my body, my muscels somhow give me the signal that they have done something, and am feeling a bit fatigued I am defenitly happy I went.

It is kind of funny when I think back, as I was younger in my swimming career I just went to every training without thinking. I didn‘t have these thoughts. I never thought about how many sessions I did in a week; it was as normal as breathing. I never felt the idiom to overcome one‘s weaker self, well I did but very very rarely. And now as I am older I do have that feeling regularly. Where does this feeling come from? I guess it is driven by my tendency to overthink things. Anyhow..I’m happy with myself so far and again after all it is a challange!

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