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New bike day

Another month has passed for my preparations towards my first IRONMAN. It was a good month, filled with both setbacks and forward steps, both of which are part of this journey.

At the beginning of this month after a really good running session I started to feel pain in my left knee, which turned out to be runners knee. It is usually caused by increase of mileage and training volumes and as my joints are generally lose, as it is good for a swimmer, it was bound to happen at some point. As a person who was generally lucky to never really get injured it was really upsetting and all I wanted was for it to disappear quickly. Well well, in such cases you have to be patient and very careful. When I found out that it was runners knee I started to take the necessary steps in order to take care of it to mend it and at the same time started take preventative measures to prevent it from happening again. It slowly but surely disappeared and I could go back to my normal trainings routine.

A highlight of the past month was definitely the fitting of my new @ Factor Bikes by @ Radsport Waldispühl. I felt like a pro as I was measured and scanned through a Retül Fitting. I realise now that it does make perfect sense to do such a fitting as it will make you more efficient while reducing the chance of injury and increasing comfort on the bike.

And guess what just today was my ‘#newbikeday’ !!! I am super excited about it and for me it is the first time to possess a machine like this. I almost couldn’t wait to get home, off load it from my car and go for a ride. I am just amazed!! @ Jan van Berkel , you were right it does matter, if you want to accomplish something like an IRONMAN you have to do it right with the right equipment!! Thank you for your help and I cannot wait to go for a ride together with you!

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