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As I started my quest to my first IRONMAN and began training with an ambitious goal 1.5 years ago, I never realised how much I missed sport and how important it was for me in the past 🧐!!

Today people wouldn’t recognise that I was a kid that could all of a sudden punch into a wall or throw around his school stuff out of nothing! I had a lot of energy and would blow off very quickly, I could not control myself or the energy going through me. I had attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness what is also called ADHD. Back then teachers and people would shake their heads turn around to my parents and tell them to give me ritalin and put me in a special class. They would tell me that I am nothing and would never be able to achieve anything! Well, my parents knew better!! Very early on they let me do a lot of different sports to see which one would suit me best and quickly we knew it was swimming! We found a club and I came into a team with a great coach who didn‘t care about my ‚social inconformity‘ or ‚social deficit‘, NO!, he taught me early on that it is somehow a gift I use it the right way! My coach back then made me part of a team (I am still very close to some team members today) and he glued us together. I was given the envirnement to grow, to channel my energy and have it ready when I need it. I became a better and consistant student, I calmed down and I started walking through life with an inner balance I never could have imagined. Well, I grew older and at some point I had to make the transition from being a student to being employed and through that transition I lost sight of being a sportsman. Sport/swimming was still part of my life especially when I needed to clear my head but it moved more into the background. Being a professional swimmer became more and more something I once did.

Today, 18 months after I started to make sport again one of my top priorities in my life with a goal in front of me, I realise that it was high time to do that!!! I don‘t know how far I will get but I know for sure I won‘t let it drop in priority in my life anymore 😃!

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