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Back in the day, when I used to swim professionally, it was normal to get up early around 6 am or even earlier to get to the pool for a session. Also, it was normal to train 10 to 12 times a week. Well, I had a goal set high which motivated me to do everything for it.

I swam at this level unil the age of 22. Life changed a lot after that. Including my feelings towards sport, my sport. I only practiced max 2 to 3 times a week and swimming became my sanctuary, a place to relax after a stressfull day at work. But to be honest at first it felt good, you know, that I didn’t have to be somewhere, train, compete and also it was nice to have more free time. Then over time I filled up this time with other things and my swimming career became a distant memory. Somhow I forgot what it was being a sportsman and what it felt like. It was something that I did once but not anymore.

Today, it feels like I‘m back where I left of at the age of 22. I have set a high goal again and it feels amazing. I know, it will be a though journey and every now and then I will think “Why am I doing this?”, but I‘m super excited! For me motivation and having goals in life are very important. I might not be able to reach everything i set out as a goal but without me trying I will never know if I can make it. #Project_IRONMAN_2020!

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