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Speedo USA

Speedo® the world’s leading swimwear brand is passionate about life in and around the water. From learn to swim through to swimming for fitness our mission is to inspire people to swim and we aim to do that by encouraging healthy activity of swimming. Born in 1928 on and around Bondi, Speedo has natural affinities with the beach and the pool. We have swimwear and equipment for people of all ages to do all sorts of water activities. 


AMEO Powerbreather

The Powerbreather offers new opportunities for improving strength endurance, lung function, and technique.


Sponsor Sport Food

Die hochwertige Qualität sowie eine starke Innovationskraft machen die Schweizer Marke SPONSER® zum Marktleader auf dem Gebiet der Sportnahrung. Olympiasieger bis hin zum Freizeitsportler vertrauen auf SPONSER®-Produkte. 



ReMuscles™ allows you to improve blood circulation, prevent injuries  and recover faster, all while letting you relax and getting your body fresh.



The only swim goggles with a smart display that delivers metrics like split times, distance, and more intelligently, as you swim. Developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches, the FORM Smart Swim Goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer’s swim bag.


Volpe Sartoriale

Volpe a collection that embodies what it is to be a modern man.

A collection that will stand on its own or lie alongside elements of your current wardrobe. Whether you are looking for something to subtly assert your personality at work, or clothes to wear when you are off duty and it’s your own time, the look is as individual as you are.

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